Called to Rebuild has moved!

Well, the transition is complete and Called to Rebuild is no more! The new blog can be found at As you’ll see I went with a whole new web host and domain for the fresh look. This will mean a ton of cool new features which I’m just now beginning to explore, but unforunately it also means that my subscriber list has been lost. Those of you who have followed this blog will have to re-subscribe over at the new site. I do apologize for the inconvenience. 

I hope to not lose anyone in the change-over, which is why I’m writing one final post here. If my writings have interested you to this point and you’d like to continue receiving notifications of future posts via email, please hop right over and subscribe while it’s fresh on your mind. You’ll find the subscription form on the sidebar to the right of the page, just beneath my profile picture. And if you’ve never been a subscriber, now would be the perfect time to hop on board! 🙂

While you’re at it, please feel free to share the link to my new page on your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, ect.) or with friends and family whom you think may be interested in the blog.  I plan to have a more official “grand opening” post at the new address in the coming days, so please make the necessary adjustments to keep yourself in the loop!

Until then, grace and peace to you, and thanks for reading!

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