eBook: Called to Rebuild

Personally, I feel God is doing something in our day very similar to what He did with Israel centuries ago.  He is stirring the spirits of His people to return and rebuild the house of God as she once was!  It is an exciting but costly quest, and I hope by these writings to stir something of that vision in the hearts of those who read. 

In the year 1440 a man named Peter Cheltschizki wrote a book called The Net of Faith.  The following paragraph taken from that writing encapsulates the heart of what I hope to convey through this blog.  It also serves as a foreword to the following chapters I’ll be posting on this site from time to time.  Enjoy!

“Nothing else is sought in this book but that we, who come last, desire to see the first things and to return to them insofar as God enables us.  We are like people who have come to a house that has been burnt down and try to find the original foundations.  This is the more difficult in that the ruins are grown over with all sorts of growths, and many think that these growths are the foundation, and say, ‘This is the foundation’ and ‘This is the way in which all must go,’ and others repeat it after them.  So that in the novelties that have grown up they think to have found the foundation, whereas they have found something quite different from, and contrary to, the true foundation.  This makes the search more difficult, for if all said, ‘the old foundation has been lost among the ruins,’ then many would begin to dig and search for it and really to begin a true work of building upon it, as Nehemiah and Zerubabel did after the destruction of the temple.”


2 responses to “eBook: Called to Rebuild

  • Bonnie Sasher

    I want to read this book!!! Both yours and The Net of Faith!!!

  • lawdawg23

    Hey Bonnie! Thanks for stopping by. I’m not even sure where you can get a copy of the Net of Faith. The excerpt from above was taken from a history book called The Pilgrim Church by E.H. Broadbent. I definitely recommend checking it out.

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