Check out The Centrality & Supremacy of Jesus Christ

It’s been about two and a half years since I first stepped into the blogging arena. Upon entry, one of the first blogs I stumbled upon was by a guy named David Flowers. The title of David’s blog is The Centrality and Supremacy of Jesus Christ, and rather than try to explain to you myself David’s purpose in writing, why don’t you listen to what the man himself has to say about his literary intent.  

As much as one can consider a friend a person whom they’ve only spoken to a few times via the Internet, I do David. He is well-balanced as a teacher and exhibits a compassionate heart in the way he deals with people. His articles are not your average run-of-the-mill blog posts, either. Every article of David’s I’ve ever read has been meaty and very clearly written. The brother does his homework, of that much you can be sure.

Recently David wrote a post about the new Kirk Cameron movie, Monumental. I would urge all of my readers to check it out. If you are unfamiliar with what Greg Boyd and others have termed “the myth of a Christian nation,” this post will serve as a startling introduction. Food for thought, at the very (and I mean very) least.

While you’re there be sure to subscribe to David’s future posts. And if you have some time take a moment to scroll back through some of his past offerings. What you’ll find will challenge you, inspire you, and no doubt strengthen you. At least it has me.


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