Contemplating a name change

After more than two years of blogging here at “Called to Rebuild” I feel like the experiences and transitions my own life and thought are now calling for a change of name. I’ve had a new title for the site in mind for a little while now, but I would love to get some feedback from my readers. What I’m looking to do in the near future is upgrade this site to a more professional design, improving the blog’s overall function and appearance; this will go together with a new theme which I hope is more expressive of where I stand personally in relation to all I have seen, experienced, and yet long for of a practical realization of the kingdom of God and His eternal purpose in Christ.

As I see it, the church plays a unique role in the plan of God for this and all ages. In short, she/we/the local assembly are to be in the midst of our society as the harbinger of a new and coming age. Undoubtedly (in theory at least), any practical manifestation of this kingdom does threaten the kingdoms of this world, be they religious, political, or otherwise. My own longing is to be more and more a part of something-some living, flesh-and-blood community-which embodies this hope for a new world that we read about in the scripture and, from time to time, in the pages of history.

Also, I’ve come to realize that the very name “Called to Rebuild” seems to suggest to some people an advocation of going back and merely imitating the patterns and forms of first-century churches. I’ve never held this belief personally, but to some folks I know any talk of “rebuilding” has formed a stumbling block to their feeling that our need is not to go “back” so much as it is to go “forward.” I agree wholeheartedly, though I feel in many ways that the two movements go hand in hand. Often we need to go back in order to go forward.

Anyway, my question to you, dear reader, is this: what would your suggestion be for a new blog name which reflects this kind of a longing? I’m open to your ideas and would love for every reader and subscriber to chime in with their thoughts. Perhaps collectively we can come up with something better than what I already have in mind. Or, maybe I will find it confirmed. Either way, please let me know what you think. I appreciate your participation here over the past two years and hope for a long and mutually life-giving relationship yet to come. 🙂


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14 responses to “Contemplating a name change

  • Dani Valcárcel

    I read and love your blog, Josh. As long as the content doesn’t change, I don’t care that much about the title really. : ) But as you described your concern and burden, the word “harbinger” jumped out at me. Maybe “Called to Harbinger”? Harbingers of the Kingdom? I don’t know, maybe that sounds too cryptic. Looking forward to your continued blogging…regardless of the title.

  • David Hoopingarner

    I too read and enjoy your blog and have also re-blogged a few. My thoughts would be along the same line as your current blog name. I read Colossians 2:7 and 1 Peter 2:5 both scriptures have to do with being ‘built up’.
    Regardless though, follow Father’s guidance.

  • mark

    I noticed in your post the phrase “hope for a new world”. This seems to embody the Christian’s current hope for a new world that is both partly here and partly on its way. The flesh and blood community you long for is a place where this new world reigns, at least hopefully more than this one. I don’t know if this helps at all, but possibly there’s something of a new name in there.

    • Josh

      Good thoughts, Mark. At times I’ve thought of the church as a kind of embassy for the Lord in the midst of society. A lot like a US embassy in a foreign land. When you are within its walls, the rule of another nation is in play. It’s a cool thought when you consider the local community an embodiment of the kingdom of God, a present yet coming age in the world.

  • thefumesofselfishpride

    Josh. I do read your blog. I love your friendship. And, I know, I don’t blog or post comments enough. But as far as a name change goes, that’s an intersting idea. Change will inevitably happen in all things, save God. So, I am all for this title change. I will brainstorm over this a bit, and possibly tell you before we leave work tonight.

    • Josh

      Thank you, sir. I appreciate your friendship as well. Indeed, change is a good and necessary thing, as all living things change over time. If something hasn’t changed in a while it’s a good sign it isn’t alive!

  • J kreider

    What’s Sarah suggesting? She knows your journey best of anyone, and your hopes for the future..! It seems to me that your longing is for restoration; every bit of unity you experience with christ’s body is a facet of a current and coming one. Your blog seems to reflect that.

    • Josh

      Good point, Janae. I’ll have to muse on that one for a bit. And I’ll have to see what Sarah suggests. I don’t think she’s even seen this blog yet; maybe I’ll bring it up today over lunch. 🙂

  • Ozzy Knox

    Hi Josh. I was thinking about something around the word “authentic”. I do believe we share the desire to move towards and live in the authentic expression of the church as God desires it. So, I came up with a few ideas:
    – Harbingers of Authenticity
    – Church Authentic
    – Longings of Authenticity
    – Paths of Authenticity
    – Desiring the Authentic
    – Authentic Explorers

    In thinking about this, the thought came to me that you don’t want a title that would seem to communicate that you are on a path that no others are. But I am sure you would have thought about this yourself.

    Hope this can be helpful.

    • Josh


      Thanks bro, I appreciate your suggestions. Authenticity is certainly something I find myself more and more concerned with as time goes on. My initial journey out of institutional Christianity, as I recall, had a lot to do with my concern for being “real.” I couldn’t stomach the pretense I saw around me and most of all within me any longer. Of course, it was only the beginning of a journey that continues to this day. None of us can honestly claim to have “arrived” any more than Paul did! Anyway, thanks again.

  • Phil

    God’s Spiritual House

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