Say hello to Alan Knox

Look somewhere to the right of this post and down a little bit and you’ll find a list entitled “Friend & Fellow Bloggers.” At the top of that list is a guy named Alan Knox.  I don’t know Alan personally, but we’ve corresponded some over the past year via email, Facebook, and our mutual blog sites, and I can say that Alan is one of the most generous authors I’ve yet to encounter in the blogosphere. The Assembling of the Church is the name of his site, and there you will find a steady stream of articles, videos, and other resources centered primarily around the theme of exploring the purpose of the church gathering. 

Given my recent reminiscence about the gathering I was part of for the past three years, I found it interesting when I came across Alan’s post from yesterday calling for real life examples of people living in organic church life. Alan cites the growing restlessness among people who read the works of various “organic church” authors today-both real and suspect-and find themselves weary of hearing about it while rarely seeing it in action. Perhaps you can relate.

The question is, what is “it?” People from all walks of life and religion talk about an “it,” and to different people “it” always stands for something different. Is that the case with “organic church,” too? Just another “it?” Judging by his post I think Alan might answer both yes and no. What do you think? Take a moment to check out Alan’s site and see what he has to say. I think many of you will find what he has to say interesting, not only on this subject but on others as well.


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