Watching my son, seeing the Lord

With utmost confidence I can say that my wife and kids have been the greatest teachers in my life when it comes to knowing God. Watching our kids grow up I can see the Lord so clearly just by being with them and observing the way they are. 

For instance, the other day I was with my son in his room. As I’ve mentioned elsewhere on this blog, my son absolutely loves Thomas the Train. In fact, it would be safe to say he’s a Thomas fanatic. Anyway, he often asks me to play trains with him. The other night was one of those times.

Josh (my son) received a new set from my brother and his wife for Christmas. It’s the biggest Thomas set we own to date. So when Josh told me he wanted to take it apart and put it back together all by himself, I was a little hesitant. The fact of the matter is I was afraid I’d have to do it myself if he wasn’t able to figure it out!

However, I was in for a pleasant surprise. Josh took it all apart, laid the tracks and pieces in their respective piles, and began to rebuild. I merely sat to the side and watched. Now, unless you’re a dad or have ever been a dad you may not understand this, but I was absolutely delighted as I watched my boy work. Piece by piece he put that set back together-thinking it through, correcting his mistakes, and changing this piece for that. There was even a point at which I thought he’d messed up the design and would have to go back and fix it, but come to find out (as I did at the end) he was right all along! I was impressed, to say the least.

Anyway, I can’t adequately describe the joy I had watching my son build that track. To see his creativity, to share in his discovery, and to express my pride and delight at his building in such a way that brought a smile to his face when he was finished gave me an awesome insight into the Lord. I could sense the mutual joy between Father and Son as they counseled and created our universe, taking delight in one another as they labored together.  I sensed the joy they share in everyday life-creating, molding, shaping, touching lives, and doing all that they do. It’s indescribable, really. But I got a taste of it in that moment watching my four-year old do his thing, as the student, shall we say, became the teacher. 🙂

I’d be interested to hear any similar insights or experiences you might have. It doesn’t have to be a father-and-son thing, either, just some way in which you saw the beauty of the Lord through a relationship, a happening, or whatever. Here’s your chance to chime right in.


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4 responses to “Watching my son, seeing the Lord

  • Cheryl Hilbelink Czaicki

    Great post Josh. It simply amazes me how God can use our children to speak to us, teach us, and show Himself to us in new and wonderful ways. Duane and I have had this happen many times with our own children. Something that I was reminded of by the Lord recently through my kids was a lesson in loving others completely, just as they are, even with all their faults. I confess that this is something that I sometimes get tripped up on. If something about someone rubs me the wrong way, I can tend to focus on that particular thing and let it bother me instead of just looking past it and loving them as they are. I know thats bad, but I’m a work in progress. 🙂 Both my boys are so excepting and loving of others, but Ethan in particular has made a huge impression on me with this. For an 11yr old he’s rather mature and has friends of all ages. He’s able to get along with all of them just as they are with all their many personalities and differences. And they, in return, enjoy being around him. One of his friends in particular tends to be a little “hyper” and can sometimes annoy other kids (and adults for that matter :/ .) But Ethan is patient, loving and excepting of him, even standing up for him when others may poke fun at or talk bad about him. His friends “hyperness” doesn’t even faze him. I’ve recently had a difference in opinion with some other brothers and sisters and I’ve let that difference of opinion aggravate me so much that I have become distant with them. I know this isn’t how Christ wants me to be. I know I need to let go of the differences we might have, get past it, and love them anyway. I think the Lord was trying to remind me of this with Ethan. That He loves us so completely our many faults dont even faze him. He doesn’t just focus on our faults and constantly point them out. We’re not perfect people, He knows this and loves us anyway, just as we are. He is patient, loving and excepting. And likewise, we are to be the same with others.

  • Josh

    Thanks, Cheryl. I am continually being reminded these days that it’s only as I turn and become like a child that I’ll ever see and experience the kingdom of God. Ethan is a special guy and you guys have a wonderful family; what little time we spent with you when you visited was enough to convince me of that.

  • patrickkucharski

    Excellent. Loved it

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