What is our purpose as the church of Jesus Christ?

Meet Jon Zens and his wife Dotty. My blogger highlight this week is found on Jon’s website, www.seachingtogether.org. Jon is an author, speaker, and theologian whose ministry  is having an increasingly positive influence these days on believers outside the institutional church. I don’t know this brother personally, but he did stay at the home of one of my friends once. I suppose that counts a little bit in the way of acquaintance. 🙂

Even still, Jon has some excellent writings you should check out when you get the chance. In particular, he wrote a post this week entitled Should the tail wag the dog? which I highly recommend you take a look at. In the article Jon explores the purpose and vocation of the church, with a particular challenge given to the prevalent notion that our purpose is all wrapped up in the “Great Commission” which Jesus gave to the eleven apostles at the end of Matthew 28.

Jon makes use of history to show that a great bulk of the present-day emphasis on “evangelism,” “soul-winning,” and “discipleship,” (as these concepts are commonly held) is relatively new to the game, so to speak, and that even scripture itself speaks little of these practices in the way they are preached from most pulpits today. What is Jon’s main concern?

 What I sense is that we have allowed evangelism-discipleship to become our obsession, and in the process Jesus Christ is pushed to the periphery.

With refreshing vitality, Jon proceeds to direct his readers’ focus back to Christ. Knowing Christ, pursuing Christ, and becoming intimate with Christ is the name of the game, he says. In keeping with the words of Jesus he unapologetically declares that “only one thing is necessary,” and that everything in our lives must flow from this source. Otherwise, should we choose to pursue these “things” to the neglect of Christ, we will find that they become our distractions away from Him and a source of bondage to our spiritual life.

What do you say to something like that? Whether you agree or disagree, such a claim deserves some kind of response. I found my own spirit stirred by Jon’s message in this post. Head on over to his site and see what kind of reaction it registers in yours.


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