Debunking the myths surrounding organic church

When you get the chance you should stop by the blog of Milt Rodriguez. Milt is halfway through a series on 10 Myths about Organic Church, and so far each post has been choc full of good insight from a brother who has ample experience following and serving the Lord outside traditional Christianity.

Myth #1 was that organic church is a new method for doing church. You actually get this impression from a growing number of folks these days, but the kind of church life Milt participates in and writes about is far from being just another model of doing church. Thank God, I say.

Myth #2 was that organic church is a new movement. Lots of good insight here. History is often the best education a person can have, and here Milt takes a look at church history from an angle few people ever consider. Well worth the read.

Myth #3 was that organic church is a spontaneous free-for-all. Nothing could be further from the truth, according to Milt. Meetings are not meant for people to just come together and spout off whatever they want to say, meetings are for the specific purpose of exhibiting Christ in all His glorious fullness!

Myth #4 was that organic churches do not have leaders. This is a big one. I enjoyed reading what Milt had to say as he struck this one down.

Most recently Milt has set his crosshairs on the myth that organic church is all about rapid multiplication of churches and discipleship. Rather than let me spoil the show, however, why not hop over and read it for yourself. I’ve met Milt a couple times in person and he is a good brother, full of faith and a passion for the Lord Jesus.


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