Reversing the fall of man

Tonight I was reading Genesis 3, the story of Eve’s temptation by the serpent. After Eve ate of the fruit and gave to her husband to do the same, scripture says “the eyes of both were opened, and they knew that they were naked.”

Fast forward to Luke 24. Here we have the record of two disciples of  Jesus on the road to Emmaus. It is the evening of the third day after the Lord was crucified and they are very sad. You probably know the story. Jesus shows up walking beside them incognito and asks them what they’re so down about. They reply, “are you not from around here?” as if to say, how in the world could you not know what is going on? (This is funny, because in reality Jesus is the only person in the world at this point in time who really does know what is going on!) So beginning with Moses the Lord takes them all the way through the Old Testament, showing them how it all pointed to Him and was foretelling His suffering and subsequent glory.

As they come near the village the two disciples try to convince the Lord to stay with them for the evening. At first he refuses, then agrees. Once inside they sit down at the table to have some food. As soon as he breaks the bread and gives it so them scripture says “their eyes were opened, and they recognized him.”

Doesn’t this sound just like Genesis 3? Only now men’s eyes are being opened not to see their naked sinfulness but to see Christ! What can this mean but that the Lord Jesus Christ has reversed the fall of man with all its devastating effects?

Praise the Lord! There is now a new creation in Jesus Christ. The old things of sin, guilt, and fear have passed away, and all things have become new!


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2 responses to “Reversing the fall of man

  • John Wilson

    amen brother, had not noticed that before, amen!

  • Stefan

    I think that the first “their eyes were open” was not a positive one, but the second one was definitely positive! We need to have the eyes of our heart enlightened that we may see God’s economy, His plan, His purpose!

    Man fell – from being under God in fellowship with God to being under his conscience. Then he fell further – to be under the rule of man and the law. But today when we are regenerated we are being recovered – and the fall is being reversed! We not only obey the law outside of us and obey/respect the authorities God put above us, but we’re brought further to be under the rule of our conscience! God rules in us indirectly through our conscience, and we are being sensitized to listen to our conscience….

    But God wants us to be fully one with Him – not just under our conscience, but like Paul said, “my conscience doesn’t condemn/judge me… only God is my judge”. God wants us to come back to living under the direct rule of God! We need to be recovered to the sweet fellowship with God where we sense what He wants in our fellowship with Him, in our organic union with Him!

    How much we need to be headed up in Christ in this way until we are fully brought back to God’s original intention for man!

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