Concluding thoughts on the ground of the church

So for a few posts now we have looked at the ground of the church. I hope it’s been of some benefit to you. We’ve seen how the ground of the church is tied to the practical display of our unity in Christ. I have yet to find a truly diverse group of believers who share a common life in Christ and regularly come together who do not gather upon this ground. Without the restriction laid upon us by this revelation of the local church, it is only natural that we will gravitate toward those believers who share our own personal tastes, doctrines, and dispositions. 

In Corinth, for instance, where the situation was so explosive it might have resulted in numerous congregations spread throughout the city-some based upon a certain man’s ministry, some based upon the exercise of spiritual gifts, and so forth-what did Paul do to help remedy the saints’ outlook? He pointed them to Christ and the cross, and gave them a wonderful presentation of the great diversity of the Body of the Lord. Simply because we are different, or because we emphasize different aspects of the divine revelation, is no reason to separate. We still must come together as the church in our city. Otherwise the testimony of the Lord will be lost. The walls will be thrown down, the holy stones scattered, the vessels of the Lord all carried away to Babylon, and in the absence of the House of God we will all go to building synagogues.

To conclude this series, then, I’d like to refer back again to another post I wrote a year or so ago entitled The local church: A history of change. Be sure to take a look at it before you go. Share some thoughts of your own while you’re at it. If you’re one of those who senses the Lord’s call to rebuild, let me say that the ground is all-important. The temple can only be built on that spot which the Lord has chosen to give a true expression of Himself. And while all Christians will respond to Paul’s inquiry-“Is Christ divided?”-with an emphatic “no”, not all seem to understand how that translates practically.

Oh Lord Jesus, do a work in our day and age that is beyond all that we are able to ask or think! Stir our spirits and give us a heart like David, who refused to lie down on his own bed until he had secured a dwelling place for You to rest Yourself. Show us Your plan and Your purpose to re-take this earth for Yourself, and how wonderfully bound up with that plan is the coming together of brothers and sisters for fellowship! Break down any wall that divides us and make us one with each other as You, Lord, are one with your Father. May it be practical and may it be real, that the world may believe and have life through Your name!


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6 responses to “Concluding thoughts on the ground of the church

  • Duane Czaicki

    I read this post and the old one. I want this to be what church is. It really dosn’t matter what I want, it’s what the Father wants. From what I see He wants this also. He wants His Groom to have a bride in love with Him and not divided over Him. Yesterday in the “church” I attend the “pastor” preached against this and stated that the local churches foundation is based on the leadership God has ordained.( I guess this is the problem you get when your pastor has access to your facebook page) It is sad because I truely love the man and we have become close friends. That being said Christ and His love needs to be the foundation were the church is started at. Friendships may desolve and “churches” will rise and fall but, the BODY OF CHRIST will live forever. Thanks Josh for posting what God has shown you. This is how the Body is supposed to come together as iron sharpening iron.

  • lawdawg23

    Thanks Duane. I’m glad you enjoyed this little series. It’s funny with the whole leadership thing. It’s clear from Ephesians 4 that God has given certain members as gifts to His Body for its building up, with the goal in view of us all arriving at the unity of the faith. So leaders should be working to encourage unity, not perpetuate division. Unfortunately the opposite is usually true. Strange lot, we Christians. 🙂

  • Jim

    Josh, would please post the articles in this series in the order you wrote them or send them to me. Excellent and clear instruction on the Ground of the church. Thanks Jim.

  • dove124

    The problem is, to whose church you belong to?
    You’re talking of rebuilding, as if Christ Jesus has not yet built it’s Church ? FYI, Jesus Christ had already rebuild that Church, it was already finished. What you will do , is to try hard to be a member , or to be a part of that church, and not build another one. That’s why Jesus Christ said,” SEEK YE FIRST THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS”. Because the Kingdom was already there, and all you have to do is to SEEK that kingdom.
    God has this assurance to those who will SEEK that kingdom;
    # “I said not unto the seed of Jacob, SEEK ye me in vain”(Isaiah 45:19)
    # “SEEK, and ye shall find” (Matthew 7:7)

    So, why don’t you start looking for that Kingdom, today!
    Remember this verse !
    “Therefore, to him that KNOWETH to do good, and DOETH IT NOT, TO HIM IT IS SIN” (James 4:17)

    And if you had had a hard time finding it, I’m just be glad to show it to you.

  • lawdawg23

    Thanks for the comment, Dove. Together let us seek first His kingdom above all things!

  • dove124

    Will , actually, I’ve already found it, and already a member of it . Want to join us ? I will show you the way.

    Consider the verses , and give it a thought :
    # Thus saith the Lord, STAND ye in the ways, and SEE, and ASK for the old paths, where is the good way, and WALK therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. ( Jeremiah 6:16)
    # But as for me, I will come into THY HOUSE in the multitude of thy mercy:
    (Psalms 5:7)
    # ….and ye had made a covenant before ME in THE HOUSE which is CALLED BY MY NAME (Jeremiah 34:15)

    So, I hope you will not harden your heart just like the others who were invited and said ” We will not walk therein”, but with an open mind and with understanding.


    …your ears will hear a voice behind you saying, THIS IS THE WAY ; WALK IN IT .(Isaiah 30:21)

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