Two new websites for the church in Portsmouth

Greetings all!

I’ll make this short and sweet.

In case you hadn’t noticed, there are two new links toward the bottom of the sidebar under the category “The Church in Portsmouth.” These sites belong to the brothers and sisters I meet with locally. One is a Weebly site, dealing more specifically with our life together, and the other is a Meetup site, where I hope to see all kinds of interaction going on between saints who live in my area, regardless of whether or not they gather with the same group of believers that I do. So check them out.  And just because the Meetup site is geared locally toward the Christians in my hometown, don’t feel like you’re not welcome to register and become a member if you’re not a native. We’d love to have you join, too!

Until next blog, peace!


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3 responses to “Two new websites for the church in Portsmouth

  • j kreider

    Another site that’s intended to connect and sharpen believers is at and while I don’t know what you personally believe on the subject, if you could pass this site on to the Weirheims i think they might appreciate it. It hasn’t served to help with the connections locally, unfortunately, yet.. but definitely has been beneficial to Aaron and myself.

  • andrew wehrheim

    checked out the website J. Keider. Looks like lots of stuff on there. Thanks for the link. Christ has an ultimate purpose. It is the “purpose of the ages”. That in each age Christ would be revealed in greater fullness, gaining a greater expression in the universe. In this age He is calling out the Ecclesia in every city on earth. He is establishing his Kingdom through the heavenly colony called “church” planted in each town. He is regaining the earth by gaining a called out people! He is taking the earth by taking one city at a time. Once he gains this planet then he can move on to coming, impending ages, in which he will show forth the riches of his kindness towards us in Christ Jesus!

  • j kreider

    Andy, glad you liked the site. We really appreciated being able to throw some ideas around with other believers through the forums. back when we were on facebook I thought I remembered you and Katie leaning towards Christ’s “purpose of the ages” being to eventually reconcile all of mankind back to Himself. (As in Adam all die, so in Christ will all be made alive &etc). We as the Church are called out and elected to share this great news with pre-believers… we are the firstfruits with Him to gather in the harvest. The riches of His kindness, truly, is that He is Love, and Love never fails.

    I could’ve been mistaken about your leaning towards “universalism” for lack of a better term, but regardless, hope to see you on the forums 🙂

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