God’s eternal purpose is found in the church life

At the end of the age, what is it God is after? What, ultimately, is His goal?

When there are no more lost souls to save, no injustice remaining that has not been made right, and no enemy left to subdue, what will remain of the purpose of God?

And does it matter to you now, even while all those other things are still in play?

Should it?

For the past three years I have had the privilege of living and gathering with a small company of believers for whom life in Christ is more than a private, individual affair. We have gone through many seasons, had our fair share of highs and lows, and learned that Christ is found in the mundane aspects of life as well as the spectacular. Being built together in this way is worth its weight in gold, if you ask me. I so appreciate the church life, and I’ve come to see that this is the very heartbeat of God. The church life is the very center of His purpose and the end of all His activities. What God is ultimately seeking to obtain is a people who live in fellowship together with Himself.

Depending on your view of the Christian life, and your definition of fellowship, that may not sound like much to you. But to me it is the highest thing in the universe.

One day there will remain no more souls to save, therefore evangelism will no longer be necessary. And there will be no more injustice-the creation will be set free. The enemy of God’s purpose will eventually be cast down to rise no more, as well. In that day what will there be left for us to do? What mission will remain for the House, the Body, the Bride, the Family of the Lord?

Fellowship! Unceasing, unbroken, unspoiled, ever-enlarging, creative, wonderful fellowship.

This fellowship, when put on display in the earth today, takes the shape of a little thing we like to call the church life. A people living together in fellowship with the Lord. And it is marvelous.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for evangelism, reaching people with the gospel. I feel my own heart stirred to do it more and more. And justice is no doubt in the heart of God, so let us be busy doing His work, setting this planet-including every man, woman, and child in it-free. And there is a warfare to be engaged in by the church, don’t I know it. I’m all for an active participation in these things. But in the midst of it all, can’t we be about the fulfillment of His eternal purpose as well?

This is what the church life is all about. You have to experience it from the inside to know what I’m talking about. Lucky thing the doors are thrown open wide for whosoever will to enter in!

I’ll end my musings with the words to this song:

“How oft believers through the years have sought the will of Jesus

And would have offered everything to walk as Him it pleases

If you should seek the will of God don’t waste another minute

The church life is His glorious will, and you too must get in it!


“‘What is the will of God for me?’ How oft you’ve asked this question

It is the church life, corporately, where God finds His expression

Don’t watch the church life from afar, or erringly construe it

Come gaze upon it from within-you’ll give your whole life to it.


“The church life here is realized, tis all the Lord intended

And in this rich experience all further seeking’s ended

The church life is His glorious will-now for yourself begin it

The surest way to know His will is simply to get in it.


“So let us give our all for this, and hold ourselves not dearly

The church life is the will of God, let’s take our standing clearly

Oh, we have found the will of God, Christ died and rose to win it

The church life is His glorious will, and praise the Lord, we’re in it!”


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12 responses to “God’s eternal purpose is found in the church life

  • By His Feet

    This was an encouraging read, Jason! Thanks for posting this. I’m hoping for an awakening to this reality in Christ for the Church where I live.

    Love in Christ,

  • mike

    I’ve heard it said that the church is both organized and organic, involving structure and the spontaneous. What do you think?

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  • By His Feet

    I’m so sorry Joshua, but you’re not Jason, are you? I know you’re not, hehe. I was in a bit of a hurry writing my first comment, so I named you Jason. Hope you don’t mind. 😉

  • lawdawg23


    It’s ok bro. You’re not the first person to call me Jason by accident. Glad you enjoyed the post. 🙂

  • lawdawg23


    I think there’s something to be said for that. Some level of organization is always going to be necessary or else not much will get done, but at very best these things should have their place in the background rather than the forefront of the church’s life. What are your own thoughts?

  • andrew wehrheim

    I was just reading through Ephesians and looked up the word “will” in relation to “the will of God.” Spiros Zohdiates says that the word doesn’t mean a list of ordinances or rules. For example, “God’s will is for me to clean my porch, evangelize for an hour, prayer for 45 minutes, read my Bible for an hour, go to Church for the evening service, etc.” THat is not God’s Will. THe word will actually means “desire”. IT’s the overriding, grand purpose of God. That is the Church LIfe. It is the will of God for us! And it is the criteria for how we determine the will of God for the rest of the details of our life.

  • mike

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I believe that the organized church has been the only experience for many believers in the US, so they walk away thinking that is all their is? For others it has left a bad taste in their mouth due to issues with leadership. The organic church experience has been rediscovered by many and they realize that that is what’s been missing, so then they tend to go to the extreme, lacking structure and order, or just casting off the organized church all together. However, any group seeking an organic church experience that is truly a church will find itself in greater need of structure and order as the Lord adds. Many times the elders were not appointed until after 2 years. This gave the Holy Spirit time to raise up leaders among them. Having the structure of leaders (truly called to lead) makes for a unity and a divine order that allows for God to move more mightily among the church and through the church.
    I once heard of a tent city (homeless group) in the mid-west. They didn’t want the rules of society, so they separated themselves from the organized community that surrounded them. After a couple of years, and much stealing and crime, they realized that they needed some rules and order. So, then they set out to establish the very thing that they were trying to escape and thought that they didn’t need. To be cont…

  • mike

    The structure and order of the organized church is primarily for our safety, and for the sake of those who come and those the Lord adds. Our organic experience is just as important, because of the edification, but we can begin to think that the organic experience is more important, or all that is necessary just because of how blessed we are by it. However, without the safety of the organized church we will walk in our calling less, and impact the lost around us less. There is a balance needed for personal growth. When we are a small fellowship it seems like we don’t need structure, but with time God will raise up structure for the sake of safety and impact.

  • mike

    Thanks for all the truth and insight on here. I will be lifting you guys up and praying for your fellowship there. Please pray for us as well. Peace brother!

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