Speaking the truth in love

In Paul’s discussion of Body life and the gifts God has given to the church in Ephesians 4 he makes reference to the saints “speaking the truth in love.”

If you’re like me you’ve always held the primary notion that speaking the truth in love is something you do to non-Christian people, people who are deemed to be “lost” and in need of salvation. We are supposed to tell them the hard truth about their being a sinner in need of redemption by “speaking the truth in love.”

However, it occurred to me afresh in my meeting with the church today that the whole context for this action is not the world in general but the Body of Christ. Paul is addressing the saints, and he is telling them to speak the truth in love. To whom? Primarily to one another. The result of this speaking is that we help each other to grow up in all things into Christ our Head.

What is this truth we speak when we’re together? It is the truth of who we are in Christ and who He is to us. The affirmation that we are indeed a chosen race and a royal priesthood, seated with Him-even now-in the heavenlies, above every power that daily seeks to tear us down.

I don’t know about you, but I need that reminder. Not once a week, either, but every single day.


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5 responses to “Speaking the truth in love

  • alan

    Great blog…thank you! By the way….on the picture of ‘Josh and Josh’….which one writes the blog?
    Back to the blog…do you think it is a good idea, as they occur to us, to list the ‘daily reminders’ we need to receive and list them? Bit like a ‘To Do’ list…but much more as a ‘To Be’ list….

  • bjcorbin

    Amen and me too Brother!

  • lawdawg23


    Such a practice couldn’t hurt. The writers of the New Testament were constantly calling on believers to “remember” certain things and to help “stir one another up” to recall the truth we are all so prone to forget. And it’s my son who does most of the writing. I just edit for him. 🙂

  • katie wehrheim

    so let’s assemble daily

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