How Father longs for our fellowship

Judging from the positive feedback of my last post, I’m gonna stick with another story about my son for this one. 🙂

A couple years ago I was at work when a lady came into the shop with her grandson. As she shopped around they chatted about simple things, laughing and enjoying each other’s company. At the time my son was too young to speak. Watching this lady with her grandson made me excited about the prospect of being able to interact with my own son in such a way. I couldn’t wait for the day when I could hold an actual conversation with him, listen to his perspective on things, and have an exchange based upon our mutual thoughts and feelings. It also occurred to me that there was so much I hoped to teach him, so much I couldn’t wait to be able to share with him about life in a way he could understand and be impressed by… things that would shape his development in a positive way for years to come.

It was neat for me to consider this in light of the Lord and the relationship He has with us. I saw the Father absolutely joyful over me, longing for the day when I would grow up into greater fellowship with Him. How He must anticipate our further development and growth in life! How He must live in expectation of the day when our capacity to receive from Him is so enlarged that He will be able to share with us more and more the depths of His heart!

So the Lord is greatly pleased to be with us day by day. Just like when my son was enjoying his toys and desiring me to share in his discoveries, our Father is satisfied beyond measure just to share life with us. But He is also waiting for the day when we will grow up more into Himself, longing for a deeper fellowship, applying all His efforts toward moving us to that end. Simply because He can’t wait to have a deeper communion with us.

What a lovely view of our Lord! He anticipates our fellowship. Every day He is looking for more. Nothing so satisfies Him like the mutual enjoyment we have with each other as we go about life’s journey, exploring, learning, developing, and becoming. Truly, as the Lord Jesus Himself said, this fellowship we have with God is life eternal (John 17:3)!


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