What does Thomas the Train have to do with fellowship with God?

Rainy day today. For a landscaper such as myself, that means a day off work. Well, paid work at least. There’s always plenty to do around the Lawson manor. As it is we happen to be in the middle of a little bathroom renovation, so the priority of drywall was fresh on my mind. Before getting to that, though, I took my little boy out to run a few errands with me. His sister got to go out on her own the other day, so mommy mentioned to him that he would have a “boy” day with daddy soon. As you can imagine, that’s all he’s talked about since. He was looking forward to ice cream and putt putt golf, but because of the rain he had to settle for going with dad to stop at the bank, pay a few bills, and get some lunch for mommy and the girls. He loved it, and so did I, nonetheless.

What I want to highlight was something that occurred while we were at the store together. Anytime I take Josh to Kroger he loves to go down the toy aisle, cause they are stocked full with Thomas the Train stuff, his favorite. I had plenty of time to spare today, so I gave him a good long time to check out everything they had. Usually when I do this I can be a little detached, standing in the aisle, watching the clock, or checking a text message while he does his thing. Today, though, I was blessed to give Josh my full attention, walking up and down the aisle with him while he looked at each and every individual toy. I held him up for the higher ones he couldn’t reach on his own, and listened to him say “wow” and “cool” to this one and that. I even pointed a few out to him that I knew he would like to see.

At one point I was crouching down with him while he was engaged with a certain toy and I felt such a joyful sensation just to be there with him. What I enjoyed most of all was how much he liked to be there, looking at those toys, and how he wanted to include me in his little discoveries. He didn’t want to just look at the toys on his own, he wanted to do it together with daddy. In that moment I touched the Lord Jesus within, and I knew the joy the Father has in sharing fellowship with us in the normal things of our lives. How He longs for our fellowship! How He thrills to be included in all that we say and do!

It made me wonder at the simplicity and childlike-ness of the Lord. We like to think of God as so high and mighty, so occupied with vast and heavenly things-and not to say that He isn’t-yet the Lord is so overwhelmingly simple, and simply longing for time spent with those He loves. That really is the essence of fellowship, and of friendship, isn’t it? Doing things together? It thrills me to know that my knowledge of God is not restricted to holy days and special times of prayer and devotion. Christ is all and in all, and everything I do, say, and encounter in my daily life can be made a means of fellowship with Him. All it takes is a simple turning of the heart, an awareness of His presence within, and then a sharing of my life with Him. What joy! What salvation! What life!

Hope this means something to you. It meant a lot to me as a sat there with my son watching him joy in Thomas the Train. Whatever this day holds for you, experience fellowship with Christ in it all. Your life will be enriched, and His heart will be satisfied.


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7 responses to “What does Thomas the Train have to do with fellowship with God?

  • Cory Adkins

    What a great picture of Christ. Longing for fellowship with his children. Beautiful picture. Thanks for the reminder.

  • Patti

    What a joy to celebrate life with your son! Thanks for sharing Josh and making the “connection”. I will meditate on the concept as I go through my day with my “daddy”.

  • bjcorbin

    Amen Josh, this reminds me of something the Lord recently said to me. He said, “I don’t want your best, I want your all”

  • Michael Young

    Wow. I’m glad I took the time to read this. Very true. Especially the fact that God loves spending time with us. Even in the things we don’t see as “sprititual activities”. This has been a most blessed fact I’ve learned….am still learning!

    Thanks for the great post, brother.

  • Seth

    Thanks for the post my friend. I can relate to this having two small boys of my own. I sometimes get too caught up in my own things that it is good to know just how important it is to them, to us and to the Lord to just BE and enjoy one another. This seems to be what sticks and lasts as the underlining of it all. The essence of His life if you will.

  • lawdawg23

    Thanks everyone! I’m glad you all enjoyed this post.

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