Appreciating the saints and the servants of the Lord

Greetings all.

I’ve got no other purpose in mind for this post other than to say that in the future I hope to shift the direction of this blog a bit. In the past my posts have been mostly formal, following a certain subject or heading. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I don’t post as often as I would like to simply because I feel there has to be a certain quality to my writing before I’m willing to put it out there for all to see. Usually this is more frustrating for me than anything else.

So I would like for this blog to take on a more conversational tone. I intend to post more frequently, sharing thoughts and observations from my experiences in everyday life. This is not to say I won’t continue with more formal postings on subjects consistent with this blog’s theme-“Called to Rebuild”-just that I want to try to connect with the ten of you who frequent this site in a more everyday kind of way.

So then, to begin.

Yesterday I and the other saints I church with received a visit from a brother who has committed himself to help us in our going on with the Lord. What a blessing! We sang, we fellowshipped, we prayed, we shared a meal together. Our brother shared a brief ministry on the mystery of Christ and the church, and God’s desire to make man one with Himself to make visible His testimony in the earth. The Lord Jesus was the first and perfect blending of God and man-spiritual and physical, mystical and practical-and now the Lord is building a corporate Man according to the “pattern shown in the mount.”

After three years of seeking to gather around Christ with a handful of brothers and sisters, it has been strength beyond measure to come into contact with other saints who have been pursuing the Lord in this way far longer and far deeper than anything we’ve yet to touch ourselves. And to receive such help from a brother who has been called and sent by the Lord for this very work-the building of His church-is the stuff dreams are made of, if you ask me. Six years ago I went outside the camp of institutional Christianity looking for a city whose builder and maker is God, and one of the things I have sought for in those six years is personal contact with any men (or women) who have gone on before me (us) in the way of serving the Lord outside the traditional “church”, so that I might share in their experience, their history, and their discovery of Christ along the way. So to finally know the Lord in this way has been a great encouragement to me.

The long and the short of it is that none of can stand alone. Like a coal separated from the fire, my passion for the Lord and His purpose fades quickly when I get outside the fellowship of the Body of Christ for very long. So to have the fellowship of the saints in the local church, plus the additional help of those the Lord has given as gifts to His Body, is worth beyond measure. And I am glad for it.


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7 responses to “Appreciating the saints and the servants of the Lord

  • Katie Wehrheim

    last night was awesome! like i said last night it was beautiful looking around at each face and being struck with awe again that I was seeing Christ! really truly seeing HIM! it made me so excited…and then singing together at the end with our arms around each other…wow, it is something i am so glad to be a part of

  • brotherjohnny

    I’m, personally, looking forward to seeing more of this ‘other’ side, Joshua (not that I do not appreciate the side that has been expressed more frequently here).

    I am truly blessed in hearing how your hearts desire is being met in your current experience. May His expression and your reception and engagement thereof increase more and more, from glory to GLORY!!

  • Craig

    My last day in professional ministry was April 15. I’m out. I don’t know what the Lord is doing with me and my family now but as long as he does it with me it’s all good. I’m grateful to find brothers like yourself online, and I’d love to be able to meet up with you again at some point, but I know that i need the support of the Church regularly, to meet as often as possible for the encouragement and vision during this time. When you left the IC, what was it initially like for you?

    • lawdawg23

      It was a lot of things, Craig. Exciting, yes. But to be honest, it was a whole lot of lonely, too. For a while, at least. Eventually the Lord led me to others, and He will do the same for you. Throw your heart wide open to find the Lord in places you might not normally expect. He began this work in you and He will be faithful to see it through. I would love to meet up again someday if the opportunity presents itself.

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