Thank God for the winter!

Now that spring is here in all its warm, sunshiney splendor, I sometimes wonder if I’m man enough to look up to the Lord and say in all honesty, “Father, thank you for the winter!” After all, if it weren’t for the winter there would be no spring to enjoy.

Isn’t that the hardest thing about life? Taking the bad with the good, and trusting that somehow, someway, the Lord Himself is hidden somewhere in the mess, making all things beautiful in His time?

Though winter is commonly viewed as the season of death, I think it’s just as true to say that life is never more active than it is during the winter. The only difference is that life has withdrawn itself deep within, so that it might not only survive the onslaught of death but also come back in resurrection with a growth and increase of itself more abundant than it was before. Season after season proves that life, in the end, is triumphant over death.

So it is with us. Winter and death are necessary for life. So let us be aware of that fact. It will save us a great deal of struggle as we wait out the ice and snow of February (I’m speaking figuratively, of course).

One brother put it like this: “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning!” May the Lord lead each and every one of us into an understanding of this precious truth, and cause us to see that even in the night He gives a song, that through the plight of our own spiritual winter there is within our spirits a resevoir of hope and light-an eternal springtime if you will-that comes by knowing fellowship with the Lord Jesus Christ within.


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2 responses to “Thank God for the winter!

  • Dawn

    From your sister at the church in Lucasville, this is so exciting…and we’re living it! May the Father continue to gather His bride in unity and in each city as we seek to make HIM central in our lives.

  • lawdawg23

    Amen! And may I say, Dawn, that it’s a privilege to share this life with you and your family.

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